Cambridge's most exciting fitness class

Why ClubCycle Cambridge?

  • It’s low impact, yet high intensity, making it suitable for all fitness abilities.
  • It’s a great cardiovascular workout that increases the strength of your heart.
  • It’s music focused, making it a fun and engaging way to exercise.
  • Community and friendly instructors provide motivation and accountability.
  • Great for weight management.
  • Post-class endorphins can leave you feeling less stressed.

Our unique Coach by Colour system

At ClubCycle Cambridge we use industry-leading bikes that offer a ‘coach by colour’ system. Designed by experts, the ‘coach by colour’ makes your workout completely personalised to you. All our classes are coached using five colour zones and you will know exactly how hard to push yourself when asked to enter a colour zone.

Our Classes

Looking to try something new and exciting in 2024? Check out our fitness classes.


Suitable for all levels and fitness abilities, this class is ClubCycles’ staple 40-minute class. With music to each instructor’s taste, each session will incorporate different sprints, hill climbs and time trials. Designed to suit all types of goals, from boosting cardiovascular fitness and stamina to losing weight, this class is suitable for everyone.



A 30-minute class consisting of a mixture of standing and seated intervals of different lengths. This class is designed to improve cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal fitness.


Music Madness

Each week, our ‘music madness’ class will follow a musical theme to keep you engaged, motivated and, most importantly, having fun! From Disco to Rock, Hip hop to Garage, and ABBA to ACDC, keep your eyes peeled for weekly emails telling you the class themes for the week.